Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009 - The Downs' Family

We had a great Christmas with Curtis's family as well! They all came to our house this Christmas and it was a blast! We spent many days at the park with the kids, played lots of games, went to ICE at the Gaylord, the boys put in a basketball goal, watched movies, and visited! This is our nephew Malakai, Kim, Curt's sister's baby!

Kinsley, Corbin - our nephew, Kevin, Curt's brother's baby, and Kai (yes we have a niece AND a nephew called Kai:)) FUN!

Kaden opening his leggos - just like his daddy - always trying to close his eyes:)

Kinsley, always so expressive, opening her princess art table!

Sweet Corbin playing outside!

Sarah, Kevin and Savvy Travvy gathered around the table!

Kim, Susan, Kevin, Travis, and Corbin before opening presents!

Our new niece, Emerson - isn't she a doll?!

Travis and Emerson

We went to the movies one night and saw The Princess and the Frog, but these were on the way so we stopped for a photo, we'll probably be back soon to see this movie!:)

Curt and Kev

Curt and David


Susan and Courtney

Sweet squishy Malakai again!

We had a fantastic time with all the Downs' clan! We love you all!!!!