Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Anniversary at the Palomar!

My day started with these and a very sweet card from my hubby where he wrote he loved me "uncontrollably"!!!  Really...he coulda just stopped there:)  Beautiful!!!  God thank you for creating such beauty and variety!  Kinsley told him to "let her help pick out the flowers cause she's a girl and she knows what girls like"!  She did good huh?

Then we dropped these two off at Mom and Dad's to spend the night!  They had a blast with their Grammy!

 Next it was on to the hotel!

We got all checked in to our cute little room

Said hello to our pet for the weekend, which we named "Goldilicious":)

And then went here - to Mockingbird station - right across the street to peruse the shops like West Elm, Francesca's, Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works (have you smelled their new "leaves" fall candle?, etc.  It's a really fun place to go if you've never been:)

After that it was back to the hotel because we had reservations here:  Central 214 (chef & reality tv star of the Naughty Kitchen Blythe Beck's restaurant).  I had the brisket and Curt had their famous chicken fried steak, plus their famous mac & cheese, yummy sugar cookie/lemon ice cream sandwich, chocolate peanut butter cake, etc. etc.  IT...WAS...GOOD!!!  Blythe was actually walking around and greeting people and she stopped to talk to us and even gave me a hug when I told her I used to watch her show - she was VERY nice:)

Our waiter kindly snapped this pic of us there:)

Then we hung out in the pretty lobby for a bit...while we waited for our movie to start - we saw Eat, Pray, Love - it's a beautiful movie - go see it!  But beware - it will make you want to travel first to Italy, then to Bali:)

The next morning we woke up...

And had breakfast here...

I loved all their palm trees - almost felt like we were on a vacation - I guess we kinda were - or a "stay"cation at least:)

it had this pretty fountain outside too - I sooo want a fountain for my backyard patio - someday!:)

Then back to the hotel, where we just walked around to "see" it all - there are all these pretty places to sit around there:)  It made me REALLY want some outside furniture!

Finally we made our way here, to swim and relax

and relax we did - REALLY wanting pool furniture now...I'm such a nerd:)

Just in case you missed it...I REALLY liked the pool furniture:)

My sweet hubby was more interested in this than the furniture:)  See the look on his face?  I'm pretty sure right here he was thinking...babe, please stop taking pictures of all the furniture, people are starting to look at us funny...

...So after swimming I moved on to taking pics of the fabulous artwork, it was everywhere you turned and I got inspired - more to come on this later:)

Another cool place to sit with more awesome artwork - can't you just hear him saying, "babe..., seriously?":)

And last but not least, because I promised you I would...the famous zebra robe - oh...and you KNOW the leftover L'Occitane soaps and shampoos found there way in my bag...not sure how that happened:)

All in all we had a GREAT time, and if you're ever in Dallas know that Hotel Palomar comes highly recommended:)!!!

Curt I love you now more than ever - and totally "uncontrollably":)!!!


Mande said...

love it! I'm so glad you had a great time! And that you were inspired!

Anonymous said...

So fun Jara, I love that yall really celebrate each year! Your marriage is an inspiration to me:)!! Luv you to pieces!!