Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Divine Design Fashion Show/Luncheon at The Met!

My church The Met had this awesome and creative luncheon and fashion show last Saturday.  Complete with a runway that lit up, energetic music, games and prizes, a make-up demonstration, a little black dress accessorizing demonstration, ring cleaning and hand parrafin treatments, yummy lunch from Jason's Deli, etc.  

This is me and my mom at our table - so glad she came, she's a true fashionista herself!

Some of the other ladies at my table Penny, Misty, and Tracey.  Penny was a beautiful model in the show, and Misty and Tracey did all the decor and orchestrated this whole event!

Jenny and Angie - Angie was also one of the "maternity" models in the show - beautiful!!

Mom, Steph, and you can't see him but baby Corbin made an appearance as well:)

Angie on the runway!

My friend Kelly on the runway

Me on the runway - I loved my outfit!!!  We had the chance to by them afterwards but mine was over $300.00!!!  Thanks to Belk for letting us borrow the clothes!

More of the models at the end - Lori, Angie, me, Cole, Colby, Alison, and Camille - we had ladies of all ages, and all types of clothing!  Roberta also gave us a message about how we are all God's "Divine Design" and works in progress and how God isn't finished with us yet but he designed us just how he wants us to be!  It was one of the best women's ministry lunches I've ever been to!!!