Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Evelyn's B-Day 2010 and visit with Curt's Family

We went to Oklahoma a few weekends ago for Curtis's grandmother Evelyn's 80th birthday.  Here is the birthday girl herself - does she look 80?  Can you believe it?  She is the spunkiest, most energetic, smart, "with-it" 80 year old I know!  We had a party for her at Curt's Aunt Andrea's house and had a blast swimming, eating burgers from the grill, listening to Curt's nephew Robbie play the cello, and laughing at all the little kiddos!  Happy Birthday Evelyn - you are BEAUTIFUL!!!

On the trip we also visited with Curtis's other grandmother Betty.  This lady is a sweet as they come and has a HUGE heart.  She is an incredibly strong christian and we cried as we listenend to her read scripture to us - Joshua 1:9 and tell her stories about how she was engaged to a guy who went in the army and he never got her letters and she never got his, and how that led her to marry Jim, her husband that led to THIS family, etc.  I could have listened to her stories all day!  You are a special lady Betty - we love you!!!

Curtis looks just like Betty's late husband Jim, and she told him that when she seems him he triggers her memory and she remembers things so much better when he's around!  Yep, make me cry again!!!!

Here's a pic of some of the cousins after playing in the pool - minus Curt's brother Kevin and Sarah's kiddos - we missed ya'll!!!

Kinsley loves her Granma and Grandpops Downs!!!

It was a joy to see all of you!  We had a blast!