Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Shower for Corbin!

Some friends and I hosted a baby shower this past Sunday for my good friend Stephanie and her new baby Corbin!  Here's the proud momma showing off her little bundle!

My friend Angie and her mom Denise made these cute little blanket "lollipops", wash cloth "candies", and precious diaper cake!  

close up of the blanket "lollipops"

close up of the diaper cake
Since the shower was on a Sunday, our friend Misty had a great idea/alternative to cake - Sundae's on Sunday - I LOVE this idea - it was super yummy!!!  

We put all the toppings in baby bottles - cute huh?!

I printed these "baby wishes" cards for the guests to fill out - this will be made into a little keepsake book:)
The baby book table for guests to sign, isn't that pic of Corbin cute?!  We also had guest fill out an envelope with their address - to help mom in writing the thank-you's.  BEST...IDEA...EVER!!!

Another sweet pic of Corbin on the "gift" table

Some of the guest talking in the kitchen:)

The hostesses and guest of honor - Misty, Steph (yes she's the one who HAD the baby - makes ya sick huh?), Angie - who we'll be hosting another shower for soon, and me!  My son, Kaden took this pic so I apologize for the crookedness:)


Ashley McSpadden said...

Jara, you always have the NEATEST ideas!! The Sundae toppings in the bottles SO CUTE!! look FABULOUS!!! Congrats on your baby boy!!