Friday, September 25, 2009

Show us Your Life - Desserts! - Fancy Chocolate Covered Strawberries - YUM!!!!


Wanna make expensive looking store-bought, so pretty you could sell them at Valentine's Day looking strawberries? ya go - I'll give ya my secret:)

Buy your strawberries - look for the BIG ones, I like Driskoll's but any will work!
Buy your chocolate - I love Ghiradelli's chips but I've also used chocolate and white chocolate almond bark and it works fine too!

Melt the chocolate in the microwave just until the chips are soft and you can stir them - be sure not to do it too long or you will scald it.  Stir it up.  

Hold the strawberry by the stem and swirl it around in the chocolate.  Transfer to wax paper or foil to cool - its ok for the backside to be flat - that's how you will present them anyway!

After the strawberries are cool, melt a different kind of chocolate to put on top - dark chocolate strawberries look beautiful with white chocolate on top, and white strawberries look best with dark chocolate on top.  

Take a fork and dip it into the melted chocolate - it should be runny and drip off the fork when you lift it out.  Now, have all your strawberries - already dipped and lined up on your wax paper and take the fork and drizzle the dripping chocolate back and forth over the strawberries to make the lines:)

Experiment - you can do different chocolate combinations, tint the white chocolate blue or pink for baby showers, dip the bottoms into nuts, etc.  Just have fun!!!!  Let cool - but whatever you do - DON'T put them into the refrigerator - that will make your strawberries runny and gooey - BAD!!!  Just leave out at room temp and for best results, make them and take them - don't do the night before!  Enjoy!


Sarah said...

These are gorgeous! I've made them with plain chocolate, but never the fancy drizzles. And I did not know you weren't supposed to put them in the fridge. When you do, the chocolate separates a little bit because the strawberries get kind of watery.


Unknown said... lines didn't look so pretty last time I made these...any suggestions? I used a fork but maybe my chocolate was too thick?

sara said...

OK- those look so yummy!

sara said...

Me again! I love your playlist! I have just kept your blog open to hear the music :)