Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acorn Pumpkins

One of my goals this school year is to do more crafts with the kids at home!  So today, when we were at the park, I noticed these HUGE acorns in the trees surrounding us - they reminded me of a craft I recently saw at; so I picked them off the trees and decided to take them home:) - ***at least I think they are acorns, if not, and you know their real name, please feel free to correct me in the comment form!

Here's Kinsley with the acorns - pre cap removal!

I bet you could make something else cute out of them with the caps on too - like lions, or eskimos, etc???  Next time:)
Here's Kinsley painting her acorns into pumpkins!

The finished product, now, aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen?  Why, yes, yes they are!!!!!
Tah Dah!!!!!!  How cute are they?  Kaden made the one on the left, then me, Kins, me, Kins - we had so much fun!!!!!


Sarah said...

You're amazing! I can see why you run a preschool. I've never seen such huge and frilly acorns. They make very cute pumpkins. I'll have to watch for some around our house. That looks like a craft I could manage.

marymary said...

Jara, these acorns remind me of the outfit that Lady Gaga had on at the VMA's...did you see it?

Jara said...

Just found out from my sis in law Kim, they are bur oak acorns:)

Kristal said...

I love those! I love mine... I think I'm going to make more for name holders for a party. Thought I'd have my dh drimel a slot in the them to hold the tag.

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