Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kinsley's First Day of Pre-K 2009

I cannot believe this sweet baby girl is so big!!!!  My precious little girl started her last year of Pre-K this past Tuesday.  She was so excited to go since her brother started school two weeks ago - she's been asking when it was her turn ever since!  I let her pick out her own outfit and as you can see below she is totally a girlie girl!!!!  I was so proud of myself because I fixed her backpack the night before this - it had already been torn on one of the shoulder straps - much to my dimay, so I sewed it back together - that's right - me...the next Martha Stewart, ha ha!  Those of you who know me are REALLY laughing now!  Anyway, I was proud of myself.  

Here she is outside smiling before we left - if only you could hear my hubby telling me over and over to "Come on!  You're gonna be late!"  and me insisting again and again "I have to at least get one picture!" - hopefully our whole aptmt. complex didn't hear us!
And here she is with her two incredibly precious teachers Ms. Pam, and Ms. Sandra.  Sandra has been working with me since I started at New Creation and I just LOVE her, she's the perfect mix of strict and sweet, and Pam - this is her second year at New Creation - what a heart of gold this girl has - so sweet its indescribable!!!!  LOVE THESE LADIES!  Kinsley had a great day and is looking so forward to this year!


Sarah said...

She's so sweet. Allyson is dying to go to school. She sits down with Ethan every day after school and does her "homework." He works on math, so she writes the numbers she knows.