Saturday, September 12, 2009

Free Art Lessons - Hmmm???

So I took Kaden and Kinsley here the other day for a free trial art lesson.  Kaden loved it and did exactly what the teacher instructed the kids to do - draw a guinea pig inspired by G-force.  Kinsley, however, is too much of a free spirit to copy what someone else is doing, and was not interested in G-force or guinea pigs, so she decided to create her own picture.  The teacher said she might not quite be ready for this.  Does anyone know of art classes in town where a kid can simply be themselves and create???  Guess I'll be letting her do that more at home for now:)  Hmmm, maybe I should open an new business????  Not that I'm saying this is a bad one - it's very good indeed - just not fitting for my little girl's true artistic nature - free spirited and independent!

Kinsley's artwork - this is her self portrait after she fell on a rock and got lots of booboos - ha ha!
Kaden with his guinea pig and cage drawing - my little rule follower!
Here's the teacher - Kade is on the left and Kins is on the right!


Sarah said...

Isn't it funny how one kid can be a rule follower and the other such a free spirit. I love that.