Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is One Amazing Man!!!!

Curtis, this blog is dedicated to you!  You got a little jipped this last Father's Day - we were out of town and did not give you a proper celebration!  I just want you to know that I could not ask for a better father for my kids than you.  God knew what he was doing when he gave me you and I am so thankful!  Really, I don't exaggerate when I say that you are the BEST father in the world!!!  There are so many reasons:
1.  You love our kids unconditionally -  there's nothing they can do that will EVER make you love them any less!
2.  You love to "be" with them -  whether its drawing star wars or transformer pictures for Kaden or helping Kinsley find a good hiding spot for Hide-and-go-seek!
3.  You are so good with them -  they LOVE to be with you and enjoy days when you get to take them to get surprises or just to play on the playground at McDonalds!
4.  You are such a good influence - you teach them the importance of knowing God and how much God loves them everyday.
5.  You stand up for them - it's so comforting to them I'm sure, to know that their father has their back no matter what - that you are there if they need you!  
6.  You love them tons - I see it in your eyes and in theirs - their eyes sparkle when you are around!  
7.  You are gentle - picking Kaden up when he falls, calming him when he gets upset, hugging Kinsley when she gets hurt, it's so sweet to watch you with them.
8.  You are fun - playfights before bed, sprinklers, surprises at the store, etc.
9. You are loving - you aren't afraid to give hugs and kisses - they don't even know how much they will appreciate this one day!  It's adorable!
10.  You are all we could ever want and more - we LOVE you!!!! 


Sarah said...

I love the picture of your husband with the kids in his lap. I can see how much they adore him. Your family is very blessed!