Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 6th birthday Kaden!

Here's a picture of my little man on the day he was born, it's a scan so forgive me for all the extra space and for the fact that it's upside down, I'll get it right one of these days.  Isn't he adorable?

Man, where has the time gone?  My little man is 6 years old today!  It's hard to believe!  He is the sweetest, most precious little boy ever!  Kaden, we love you so much!  Here are some things you are "in" to these days!  
1.  Superheros - Spiderman, Batman, Superman
2.  Star Wars - you have seen every episode and know all the characters and moments in the movie by memory!
3.  Speed Racer - you were watching this this morning because his car is number 6, like you!
4.  Army men - you love to line them up for "battles" against the other super heros!
5.  Indiana Jones - you like to act like him:)
6.  Bible stories - David and Goliath and when Jesus dies on the cross
You are such a smart little boy already reading and writing stories.  You have an awesome imagination and you love to create scenes of movies, and pretend you are the actor in a movie!  You also draw elaborate pictures of movies, etc.  You are so sweet and still let us give you tons of hugs and kisses, and you still like for us to read to you before bed time!  You and Kinsley are getting along so well these days and you love to teach her things and play games with her!  You are a blessing in our lives and such a gift from God!!!  Love you baby boy, happy birthday!!!


Sarah said...

He will just love to read this tribute and look back on his 6-year-old self! Yes, he was an adorable baby, even upside down.