Monday, January 16, 2012

Smiley Elfibob's Adventures!

Oh my, do ya'll have one of these?  Smiley Elfibob became a member of our family for the first time this past December, and whooo wheee, he was tough to keep up with.  He got into all kinds of shenanigans and just plain wore me out - but the kiddos LOVED him, and couldn't wait to wake up every day to see what he'd done next - loved their giggles as they ran down the stairs to find him, and then their little pattering feet as they ran down the hall to tell me what he had done this time...

The first night he drew on our family pic - elf hats and reindeer ears!

Here he is sitting on our mantle just watching...

Then he put reindeer noses on the kiddos to make them look like his friend Rudolph with my lipstick!

Sneaky little stinker - he even gave himself a Rudolph nose:)

That next morning we found him in the fridge and he had turned the milk pink!!!

Our fave was when he showed baby Jesus some lovin'!

Would you believe that rascal got into our kitchen pantry and made snow angels in the sugar!!! night he forgot to move but when Kinsley went to the bathroom he moved real fast and she thinks he might have taken a peppermint from our gingerbread house - I think he was trying to trick us!!!

He also had a date night with Barbie!

And partied it up hanging from the chandelier!

Here he is getting a little midnight snack!!!

And we even caught him watching TV one morning!

One night he used my computer to write a letter to Santa letting him know how good Kaden and Kinsley were being!!!

And he even came to school with me one day to deliver a message to my students!

Then, him and Barbie had a snowball fight one night!

and he left us this message in the bathroom - in red and green toothpaste of course!

He helped Kaden and Kinsley hang some new ornaments they made...

decided to color a picture of baby Jesus one night...

helped us count down the days until Christmas...

and even helped wrap!

We loved Smiley Elfibob and will miss him until next year but we are so glad he has adopted us as his family to visit each year!  On that are my two little elves on Christmas Eve!!!  Love these two!