Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas in Pictures 2011

Here is our Christmas 2011 in pictures - it was beautiful and everything we wanted it to be:)!!!

Kai, Curt, Kins at the Downs house - snuggling and football watching

Kins and Kai making cookies with Susan

Happy cousins on the couch!

Santa Came!!!!

Kinsley loves her new guitar!

Kaden wanted to make sure Santa knew he did not have to eat the yogurt if he didn't want to - I'm sure Santa appreciated the reassurance:)!!!

...and we begin the year of the DS...we put it off as long as we could - but she was sooooo excited:) - as long as my family is not the one in restaurants where the kids are on DS's and the parent are on Iphones and no one talks to eachother - can I get an AMEN?!!!!  Please Lord, help that not to be us!!!

new Wii games for Kaden!

...and on to the Westmorelands's Kai with her new bike helmut - so cute!  Yes we have 2 Kai's - Malakai (aka Kai) on Curt's side of the family, and this sweet Kai - on my side of the family!!!

Showing off her new bike - she cracked us up wearing this onesie which she wouldn't let anyone button!!!  She ran around all day like this - sooo funny, this girl!!!!

Something was funny!

This is the aftermath of opening presents at Mom and Dad's - gotta love it!!!

Happy pretty girls!

 We went to the Gaylord Texan hotel to see Shrek the Halls ICE!  It is beautiful there at Christmastime!

John and Kai

Brrr, it was a chilling 9 degrees inside but so fun!!!

Kai, Kins, and me on an ice bench!

Gingy and friend:)

Huge crazy dragon!

The beautiful ice manger!

You better believe we had some hot chocolate after this place - but it was such a fun memory to make!!! We had an amazing Christmas full of Christ, family, food and fun!!!