Monday, March 22, 2010

Women's Retreat - NO SLEEPWALKING!!!

About a month ago I went on a retreat with these precious ladies and several others from my church and it was life changing for me! Me, Steph, Traci, and Misty - love you girls!!!!

This incredible woman was our speaker, Priscilla Shirer. If you EVER get the chance to go hear her speak in person DO NOT HESITATE! She is a powerhouse! She is a tell-you-like-it-is, incredibly passionate person and a joy to listen to! I'm the kind of person who needs a tell-you-like-it-is sermon every once in awhile, don't know about ya'll! She talked a lot this last time about not sleepwalking through life. To live your life to the fullest. I was really convicted about just "being" with my kids. There are lots of times when I am "with" them but I'm not really WITH them. Am I really listening? Did I really just hear what they said? Am I thinking about 50 million other things while I casually nod my head and say "uh, huh" and "wow"? So... I am trying my best now to take little increments out of my day to really BE with them. To take a time out and focus on them. Even if its only in 10 minute increments throughout the day, whatever, but just trying each day to be more PRESENT with them. That's one of my goals for this next year - to continuously work toward! Same with my husband, friends, family, etc.

And this is Priscilla's brother, Anthony Evans - WOW, is all I have to say about this man, and the way he sings! PHENOMENAL!