Monday, March 1, 2010

Shopaholic Sunday (on Monday) :)

Busy weekend, just now posting! So here's a little store I love for everything from home decor to gift items! Kirklands!!! Yep! I can throw down some money in there! I just went the other day and got this for the kiddos playroom - $10.00 and it's HUGE - pic doesn't do it justice!

And Sara over at Sara's Art House inspired me to get this! She actually painted a whole wall in her kitchen with chalk board paint, which I would love to do if my hubby ever allowed, or better yet, if I HAD a wall in my kitchen - its all open to the living area, which I love, but I love Sara's wall too because she puts scripture up for herself and her kids to see and meditate on, so here's my version - this chalkboard $8.99!

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Then I got this precious little apron for my sister - about $14.99. She just had a birthday and she's so weird, I mean funny, in that she loves to get cleaning supplies for gifts. So...I gave her this, with a "J" embroidered on it, and a basket full of chic cleaning supplies - ya know, the ones that cost a little more, that you'd never buy for yourself, but that are fun to get as a gift! I think they were called Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies??? Anyway, it was a fun gift and I was pretty excited about it:)! Here she is enjoying one of the birthday desserts we shared - sweet little Kai wanted some:) Happy Birthday sweet sis!!!


Unknown said...

Very cute birthday idea for Jae!