Monday, March 8, 2010

Shopaholic Sunday (on Monday, again:)) - Gift Ideas

Remember my post about the Daddy/Daughter Dance where we went to a place called Girly Girl??? Well...Kinsley FINALLY got to go to a birthday party there, something she has ALWAYS wanted to do. It was a blast complete with getting her hair and nails done, dress up, and fun with friends!

We also had an equally as fun other birthday party the same day at Pump It Up - a birthday place with HUGE inflatables, like this boxing ring and HUGE boxing gloves:)

Which brings me to this subject - BIRTHDAY GIFTS! What to get, what to get??? I don't know about ya'll but I always struggle with this; be it for my best friend, family, or someone I kinda sorta know! Well, here are a few suggestions. Something we LOVE to do is the theme basket/box/bag, etc. gift. This is where you pick a theme like beach, outside, movies, art, reading, fancy dinner, date night, games, etc. and just run wild with it, finding small things to go into a bag that go with that theme. Here's a few we have done lately:

This is for a friend who was sick on her birthday so we actually haven't given it to her yet. Her mommy said she likes art stuff and we ran with it, we even painted a terra cotta pot with chalkboard paint so she can do art on the package:)! Contents include:

crayons, pipe cleaners, sidewalk chalk, paints in bright and regular colors, stickers, paint with water book, note cards, glue sticks, wiggly eyes, pom poms, self hardening clay, paint brushes, etc. Jenny if you read this, we will bring this to you on Wednesday, hope you don't mind me sharing early:)!

So of course we had to write on the front:) - chalkboard paint - my new best friend, thanks to Sara at Sara's Art House - more to come on this:)!

Then...for both the Girly Girl and Pump It Up parties we came up with this little number - a reusable tote (waterproof) with outdoor toys for the spring/summer!!! Loved the totes we found, so cheery and colorful! Contents included:

pom poms - the cheering kind not art kind:), velcro circles to be worn as gloves and ball to throw and play velcro catch, big bubble wand, tray, and bubbles, and huge sparkly wand

Some other ideas we've done before:

  • Baby shower - Bath/Book/Bed box - pj's, bedtime story, bedtime baby bath soak, washcloth, towel
  • Wedding - special occasion gift - baking dish, brownies, spatulas, sparkling cider, candle, lovesongs CD
  • Christmas baking - cookie mix, christmas cookie cutters, frosting, frosting gels, hot chocolate, christmas music CD
  • Movie night - gift card to Blockbuster, big movie style candy, popcorn and popcorn containers, soft drinks, etc.
  • Girls night - nail polish, fluffy socks, nail polish remover, toe seperators, lotion, chocolate, sparkling cider, girl movie or mixed CD of girly songs:)
  • Inspirational - bible, christian music CD, inspirational books, inspirational quote plaque, cross for wall
  • Picnic date (great for newlyweds or that engagement party) - picnic basket, bread, wine glasses, sparkling cider, small blanket, plastic dishes, candles, matches, etc.
  • Graduation - laundry basket full of laundry detergent, quarters for washer/dryer, little debbie snack cakes, stationery/envelopes/stamps for letters home, book $$:)

  • Cleaning bucket (housewarming party, Mrs. Clean type friends) - remember I gave this one to my sis a few posts back - cute apron, basket or wash bucket, paper towels, rubber gloves, clorox wipes or chic cleaning supplies - organic, etc.

**Also for gifts, never underestimate the gift of an "EXPERIENCE" such as a date to the museum, a special exhibit, a playdate at the park, concert tickets, tickets to see a play, vacations - this doesn't have to be expensive - even just a day trip to an interesting location, sports game night, etc.

Needless to say...the possibilities are endless - most items can be found in dollar bins at Michaels or Target, or at Dollar Tree, be creative on your container and wallah! Now isn't that better than a gift card????


The Garrett Family said...

I love all of the theme gift ideas! I still have to try chalkboard paint. It looks like so much fun. Princess Kinsley is too sweet! :)

Sarah said...

Great gift ideas! I struggle so much in this area. I'm going to keep this for future reference.

Unknown said...

I LOVE these gift ideas! I've been meaning to call you about Devynn's gift, it is SO CUTE, I love your creativeness and thoughtfulness. We are playing with her art speak as I type. God has blessed you with a creative spirit, thanks for sharing it with all the rest of us!