Monday, March 15, 2010

Cousins Weekend

My cousin Darrell, his precious wife Angie, and their son Connor came to stay with us this weekend. We had a great time eating, laughing, talking, and watching the kids play! Angie is such a sweetheart, Darrell you picked a winner when you picked her, and Darrell has always been funny and interesting. The reason they came was for a snake exhibit, Darrell raises and breeds snakes in his own backyard! See, interesting, huh?! He didn't buy anything this weekend, but we are sure glad they came to visit! It was fun guys!

We also got to visit with this little tooter bug! She's almost 1 year old - I can't believe it! Jae and Kai came to eat lunch with us Sat. and then we had lunch with them at my mom's yesterday!

Here's Kinsley and Connor holding hands after we ate at Red Robin! Kaden and Kinsley had so much fun with him they didn't want him to leave - he's 5 and they are 6 and 4 so you can imagine how well they all got along!!! Connor you are PRECIOUS! We'll miss ya'll and hope to see you at the beach this summer!