Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009 - The Westmoreland Way - my parents house!

So I found a camera in my car that I borrowed a LOOOONG time ago from my friend Mande, see, I had really good intentions of leaving it in my car, so I would not forget to give it back to her the next time I saw her, I promise, Mande, I WILL give it back:) It's still blessing us, thanks for letting me borrow it so long - I think it's literally been a few years???

Thankfully, this "find" allowed me to take some Christmas pics! Christmases are always HUGE at my parents house - even the stockings are BIG:) Look at Kinsley's face - priceless:)

This is mom and dad's beautiful ultra contemporary home - my dad designed it, my mom did the interior!

My sister Jae, and my precious niece Kai! Aren't they beautiful?!!!

This is the pose Kinsley gives me 99% of the time when I ask for a picture, let's try this again...

much better!

We always have TONS of presents here! Seriously, we talked this year about how overboard it is sometimes - we have plans for next year to do something different and for others - stay tuned to my blog, you won't want to miss it:)! There's my mom with the kids, she's so cute - I have many more pics of her, but I think I took them with one of the disposables - stay tuned for those:)

Kaden and Kinsley got this really cool art table from Grammy and Grandaddy for their new playroom!

Here's the little Miss opening her presents - she already gets excited about getting clothes - we are in BIG trouble!

And here's the little Mr. opening his...happy about everything!

But especially happy about this!!!!

Kinsley received a "Butterfly Kisses" doll - it's precious!!!

Kai got a Sillytown toy - she LOVES it!

Jae and sweet Kai!

How cute is this pic of Kai and her daddy!

My dad

My handsome husband!

Me and Kins!

Kai with the big top we got her!

We had a fabulous Christmas, we missed my other sister Jayna and Steve, her husband, and their kiddos - they were snowed in in Denver, but we hope to see them Valentines Day weekend! Mom and Dad, thanks for such a wonderful, relaxing, memory making time, we LOVE you!!!!