Thursday, December 24, 2009

No offense!

Ok, so my husband told me the last blog I blogged was named very offensively. So sorry if I offended anyone, I don't ever mean to do that and I don't EVER mean to take such a sacred holiday and make light of it.

Please know that I am SO thankful to live in a country where we can celebrate Christmas freely and the fact that this holiday ONLY exists because JESUS was born on this day to SAVE US from our sins!

I pray you all have a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS and that if you do not know your Lord and Savior VERY PERSONALLY that you take the time this year to get to know HIM! He will bless you beyond ALL your WILDEST imaginations - try him - he LOVES/LIVES for this!

Lord God, I praise you for my beautiful life and am so thankful that you came into mine so many years ago! I praise you for the chance to celebrate your birth and for the ability to teach my kids about you as often and as openly as I choose to! I praise you that we still have a holiday here to celebrate your birth and that we can do so joyously knowing that its only a matter of time before your return! Amen!

Forgive me if I offended any of you in my last post - that was just me being my real, un-perfect, human self! Thank God that he can make us new each day!!!!!


Sarah said...

No offense taken! Merry Christmas to you and your family.