Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Surprise Birthday Party Penny!!!

This is my friend Penny and we went to her surprise birthday party this past Saturday.  Penny is special to our family for many reasons.  She went to the church I grew up in and went to until I was 23 years old, I grew up with her boys  - one of them, Brandon, and I went to his band banquet together and were lab partners in anatomy and physiology - we had a cat that we had to work on named Phoo Phee!  Penny and her husband sang in our wedding, and my older sisters wedding!  I grew up going over to her house to swim and eat many times!!!  She knew my parents before I was born, etc. etc.  She's a blast to be with, and we love her and her family - I hope you had a wonderful birthday Penny and were SUPER SURPRISED!!!! 

The birthday girl, Penny and her new granddaughter, Emma - isn't she such a precious baby - SOOO happy, and the most adorable dimples EVER!

This was Curtis's first time to hold Kai - can't believe he hadn't held her until this party!  She wasn't feeling good but was still so incredibly precious!

Kai, Jae, and Me - I love my sister!!!

Mom enjoying her dessert!  


Here's what Kaden did all night - I was so thankful for this because it allowed me the chance to visit with everyone!  He had a blast playing the Wii.

And Kinsley made a new friend, Brandon and Allison's Great Dane!  She LOVED him!

It was a great evening reminiscing with old friends.  I wish I had taken more pictures as there were many other great family friends there like the Janways, Paul Stanley, Marilyn Bottles, Brandon and Allison, Logan and Janel (baby Emma's parents), etc.  And...they had the party at Brandon and Allison's house which is in Dallas and is so cute!!!  We had a great time!


Unknown said...

All of your family members are so cute!

Sarah said...

You are so blessed to have family friends like that in your life. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

I love the music that was playing on your blog just now--Josh Groban, I think.