Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaden! Where did the last 5 years go?

Seriously, who took my little pudgy baby and turned him into a thin little boy or should I say big boy???? Kaden turned five today - whew! It's hard to believe this smart little boy that can read, loves superheros, talks like an adult, and asks a million questions was born on this day just 5 VERY short years ago! Kaden I love you so much - here's a few reasons why - agian...I could never list them all! Happy birthday my precious baby boy!
1. You are so smart - stinkin' smart. You have a photographic memory and we are so proud you are already reading before you get to Kindergarten! It's amazing how fast you catch on to things!
2. You are so boy - superheros, (RED) power rangers, race cars, etc., you are IN TO it all!!!!
3. Your questions about God and heaven are so sincere and so innocent - if only I could keep you here for the rest of your life - I'm praying you always keep searching and wanting to know HIM more!
4. You love your sister - you are such a sweet big brother when you want to be - you always look out for Kinsley whether it be helping her out of her car seat, getting an extra piece of candy for her when someone offers, packing toys especially for her when we go to friends or Grammy's house, or when you see things in a store you know she would like:)
5. You love me and dad - you have always been our little cuddle bug - I pray it never ends - I know some day it will change but I'll take all the hugs, kisses, and cuddles I can get until then.

We love you TONS! Love Mommy and Daddy