Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Year Resolutions

Here we are another year gone by and another in front of us!  Well, Lord knows I need to resolve to keep up this blog better, I am the WORST at it lately!  

We actually sat down as a family, or well, I sat down and forced my hubby and two kiddos to sit down and wrote out our resolutions!

I love doing this every year, there is just something about it, maybe just the hope of a better self, new adventures, etc.  I'm not sure, but I love it, and that is that!  

So, without further ado, I'll share some of mine with you...

1.  I want to read through this book.  It is the Bible written out as a chronological story.  I just want to know the stories of the bible better, I want them to sink in and make sense and I think this book will help me to picture it all on a timeline and make it make sense!  I'm excited!  We've already started reading this with our kiddos, so I just plan to continue until we are done!

2.  I plan to continue on my Weight Watchers journey.  It's going ok,  I've been plateauing for quite awhile now, but I joined a Biggest Loser club at school so now its time to kick it up a notch:)

3.  I want to get more organized as a teacher.  I want to truly KNOW my data on each kiddo and I resolve to help them as much as I possibly can to catch up to where they are supposed to be before they leave me.  If I cannot catch them up then I resolve to get them the interventions or help they need!!!  I need this book:
4.  I want to love on my family more.  Be intentional about playing with my kids - take them on surprise trips. Go on dates with my husband more often and surprise him with little love tokens like I did when we were dating:)

and 5.  I plan to write real letters to friends - remember???  Like the good old fashioned kind - I love stationery but I hardly ever use mine:(  I also LOVE getting letters in the mail - but rarely do anymore:( I want to be more intentional about this, and be a better friend - gosh, I'm embarrassed how awful a friend I am sometimes - not that I'm mean, I just don't take the time for friends...but not this year...I want to have them over for tea, set dates to hang out, make dinner plans, send a text, or better yet make a phone call and reach out to those I want to make more meaningful relationships with.  Friends are such a blessing and I feel like I'm missing out on some blessings God has for me sometimes - life just gets so busy, ya know??

In 2013 I WILL learn how to eat cleaner, get better at pilates/health, and patience with my own kids and those I teach.

I will try to make my house a home - add cozy touches, and happy memories throughout.

I will make a difference by being a loving teacher, wife, mom, and friend.

I promise to read my Bible (or The Story) more.

And I will help others by cooking and cleaning more:)

My #1 goal for 2013 is to do LESS WORK and LIVE MORE LIFE!!!!

Here are some words that I want to describe ME in 2013:  happy, loving, joyful, kind, life-giving, peaceful, thoughtful, a bucket filler, and self-sacrificing!:)

All these pictures were taken from google - they are not my own, I simply searched for pics and these were some of the first I found:)


Jenny said...

Hey sweet Jara, I love your resolutions :) I would already describe you using all of the adjectives you used! Sorry I've been absent, it's been hard for me to blog or keep up with my blogging friends lately. I sure do miss you but I know life is busy for us both. Happy 2013! Love, Jenny