Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Back to School Party 2011

We had our Back to School Party tonight!  It was so much fun thanks to the folks at!  I got all these ideas from them and of course put my own little twist on some things;)  I love doing stuff like this! 

Each kiddo received new markers, crayons, and pencils as a little surprise gift!

Here's Kinsley's place setting!  I used yellow scrapbook paper, school themed chalkboard scrapbook paper, white square dishes, and dry-erase nameplates from the dollar bins at Target!

The rice crispie cake inspiration came from, actually the whole party inspiration came from them (including all the printable decor).  Their cake was a little more simple - but I wanted to use my huge cake/cookie cutters so I chose the flower shape and the heart shape and just put one on top of the other!

Here's what our buffet table looked like before I propped up the cake - it was sliding down into the cakestand:(

Ahhh, nice and propped with a little M & M decor added!

For other decor I added a little chalkboard sign and a Mason jar with pencils and the Oh, so cute printable from eighteen25 that reads You're So Sharp!

Kinsley didn't like the M & M idea too much so she decided it would look better with big gumballs - I thought this look was just as cute if not cuter!  I think eighteen25 used Captain Crunch Berries, but we didn't have any so we made do!

The plan was to have dinner, dessert, and a fashion show with the kids modeling all their new school clothes...but...they weren't "into" the whole fashion show idea so I just took a pic of the clothes!  We are so blessed to have an Aunt Jae, and a Grammy that spoil us!

Kinsley and Daddy!  We tried to talk with them about what their goals are for the year...but they were in a really silly mood, and had really goofy answers like "learn about barbies", "recess", etc.!  We'll ask again another time:)

Me and Kaden - I love this sweet boy!  Can't believe he's in 2nd grade already!

Here's my place setting with our simple dinner - the kiddos picked tomato basil spaghetti, fresh green beans, and buttered toast!

Kaden's drink in a Mason jar with straw flag - too cute!

This was the kind of mood they were in!  So silly but I'm glad they were having fun!

I love the joy these two have for life!  They are so excited about starting school and can't wait to see all their friends again!  Lord, thanks for the JOY!

Here's another little decoration I had at the entry table leading into the dining room - I am really loving Subway art right now!

Stay tuned for more pics of Meet the Teacher, First Day of School, and Mine and Curt's 12th anniversary - can't believe its been that many years!

Happy Back to School!!!!


Jen@eighteen25 said...

cute!! i love it all!! what a great mommy you are to put all that work into making such a special night for your kids!! thanks so much for sharing with us!!
jen :)

The Glenn Gang said...

Love this idea! I missed it for this year but will try it next year!

Jenny said...

Super cute, love this for a back to school idea! And now you are back to school too! Have a great weekend!