Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School 2011

We started school yesterday!  Kaden is in 2nd grade and Kinsley is in 1st grade - time is moving too fast!!! I can't let myself think about it, seriously...I am loving this time in our lives:)

Here's Kaden all set and ready to go!!!

And Kinsley excited about the day!

Precious brother and sister - I love that they are only one year apart in school!

Kaden already hard at work!

Kinsley with two of her besties - her sweet friend Landri (on the left) was in tears because her big sis is now in 5th grade and not at the same school - so...we stopped to give hugs and get a pic.  Landri and Emma (the one on the right) are in the same class this year but Kinsley is in another:(  We will still get together for lots of playdates though!

Here's Kinsley happy go lucky - getting started with her day!

Mom, Jae, and Kai met up with me because Mom wanted to buy Kins a Justin Bieber backpack she had been talking about - it just worked out that they stuck around and were able to see the kiddos after school - so fun!!!

Kaden with his Aunt Jae J. 

Kinsley with Aunt Jae J. - can you tell she likes her Justin Beiber backpack?

All the grandkiddos and Justin with Mom:)  

Kai is growing up so fast too - she talks nonstop and is so cute - she has learned how to smile and squenches up her little nose - it is too precious!!!

What a great first day!