Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is YOUR LIFE!

Borrowed this from another blog...LOVE IT!  What's your PASSION?  Mine is living the best life I can according to what God's will is for me and hopefully shining His LOVE to others everywhere I go!  Have a great rest of your weekend!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Sand and Stain, Sand and Stain, Sand and Stain some more...

 We also did a little of this this past weekend!  Sanding...


Staining some more...

This was our first staining project - this furniture is for Kaden's room, can't wait to show you the finished product!!!

Easter 2011

 How was your Easter?

 Ours was good...

 We got dressed up and went to church - had an awesome service with baptisms, the true message of the gospel, etc.

 Came home, ate lunch, had a little Easter Egg Hunt

 Enjoyed hunting for baskets

 Checking out the goodies...

 And trying out these new cuties...

new bunny/frog slippers for all!!!

So thankful for a quiet, intimate, family Easter, even though we missed our big fam who were all in Galveston this weekend!

But even more so, we are super thankful for the Day the Lord Hath Made by his HUGE SELFLESS SACRIFICE ON THE CROSS!!!  Praise God  - we love that the one we serve is alive and well, already preparing a place for us one day in HEAVEN!!!!

Happy Easter to All of YOU!  May you know the true reason for the holiday and my prayers are that you get to spend some intimate time with HIM, bunny/frog slippers optional:)!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lots of Growth:)

Remember the blooms from my yard that were just about to burst????  Well, here they are today...

in front of the house

front of the house - this bush had 0 blooms last year, I cut it back this year and voila!!!

 side of the house - this is the one I think we share with our neighbor, but I claim it as mine - since I take care of it:)  ha ha

 Yellow Irises by the pool

Bluebonnets 2011

The Bluebonnets were out in full force in my parents neighborhood the other were we:)!

Happy Anniversary Barbara and Don!

Last Saturday I helped to host an anniversary party for this precious couple!  Barbara is one of my mom's best friends and she was like a second mom to me.  She used to pick me and my sister up from school, take us to her house, give us purple dinosaur grape Kool-Aid and snacks and watch us until our mom picked us up after work.  She also let us walk in her golf grass with bare feet, and cut gorgeous flowers from her flower beds to take to our teachers!  It was my pleasure to help celebrate 50 years of marriage to her hubby Don!
 The sweet couple renewing their vows!

 Little helpers in the church kitchen!:)

This was my job...BEST...JOB...EVER!!!!  LOVE making these!
 More of the help - Christiaan, Jenny, and Ashley

and more help  - Jae (my sis), Linda (another one of mom's besties), and Dawn (only daughter of the anniversary couple and sweet friend)
 Her job was to test the mics by singing cute little tunes while we worked:)

 Some of the food we prepared:)

 Yummy mini cheeseballs:)