Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary Barbara and Don!

Last Saturday I helped to host an anniversary party for this precious couple!  Barbara is one of my mom's best friends and she was like a second mom to me.  She used to pick me and my sister up from school, take us to her house, give us purple dinosaur grape Kool-Aid and snacks and watch us until our mom picked us up after work.  She also let us walk in her golf grass with bare feet, and cut gorgeous flowers from her flower beds to take to our teachers!  It was my pleasure to help celebrate 50 years of marriage to her hubby Don!
 The sweet couple renewing their vows!

 Little helpers in the church kitchen!:)

This was my job...BEST...JOB...EVER!!!!  LOVE making these!
 More of the help - Christiaan, Jenny, and Ashley

and more help  - Jae (my sis), Linda (another one of mom's besties), and Dawn (only daughter of the anniversary couple and sweet friend)
 Her job was to test the mics by singing cute little tunes while we worked:)

 Some of the food we prepared:)

 Yummy mini cheeseballs:)



Sarah said...

What an awesome party you guys threw. The strawberries are amazing. Another amazing thing? 50 years of marriage! And lifelong family friends. Many blessings to the happy couple.

Jenny said...

OK, I think I've seen these strawberries on another blog post of yours. I might need to get that recipe! Love sweet friends!