Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 Just thought I'd share some of my fall decor with you all!  This time of year always gets me in the mood to decorate!  This tray sits on the coffee table - I like to change it up often - right now there are small pumpkins and pinecones inside:)

 Not sure what to do with all your pumpkins?  How about making a grouping in the middle of your dining table - that's what I did and I like it:)!

 These bottles have been so much fun for each event/season!  I have a new project for my chalkboard paint - check back for more on that later - can't wait!!!

 Front door - wanting some large colorful mums to go on either side of the door, but they haven't been too pretty this year in Texas - anyone else having this problem?  Has anyone found some pretty ones around here?  What store?

This is one of the first fall decor items I purchased when we bought our first home back on Club Creek.  Ahhh, the memories - I still love it!  

P.S.  If you could scratch and sniff you'd smell my pumpkin roll/vanilla scentsy bar filling the house - its delish!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!


Jenny said...

I love fall decor too! Yours is great! The mums I got this year haven't done too well, went kind of brown even though they are still alive.