Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why I Love Fall - particularly October!!!

I just LOVE fall!!!  You can always feel a certain excitement in the air when October hits.  I think its because its the beginning of another year of holidays, you start to feel a cool breeze outside, you see leaves falling, the air is crisp, etc.  Here are just a few of my favorite things about fall - especially October!

Pumpkins - all shapes and sizes - wish I could by tons to decorate with - I especially like white ones too!  And...going to the pumpkin patch - this is a family tradition going on 4 years!  We just love the pumpkin patch and always get great fall pics there - more to come on that - keep looking for those pics coming up soon!


These little candy pumpkins are a huge addiction of mine - I eat myself sick each year, and then I'm done...until the next year!  I have some of these up high in my closet right now...don't laugh, I'm serious!!!  I keep them out of reach of my kids, but I do share..sometimes:)


Candy Corn - who doesn't love this this time of year?!  I love to fill small bowls, vases, etc. with it - good to eat and cute as decoration, can't beat that!!!


Orange and Brown Fall clothes - I LOVE to wear my Orange Banana Republic sweater, jeans, and brown boots!  Sooo comfy and cozy this time of year!


Changing Leaves - I LOVE to see the leaves changing, such a beautiful creation of God!  God your workmanship is marvelous!  Thanks for how you continue to "awe" me!!! - Love to take pics of my kids in these, walk in them, crunch them under my feet, decorate with them, and make crafts with them!

20090416_autumn_leaves.jpg image by NativeSpirit7

Leave me a comment and tell me what YOU love about fall!!!!


Sarah said...

Allyson says she loves jumping in the leaves (though I doubt she's ever actually jumped in the leaves; she saw this in a library book).

I love Thanksgiving best--all the yummy food and time with family.

Jenny from the Block said...

Central Market has some really interesting and cool looking pumpkins right now (including the white ones).

I LOVE the color palette this time of year!