Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloweeened Out, Almost!!!!

Kinsley at New Creation's Fall Festival - class party

Whooo - we have been celebrating Halloween all week this week it feels like! We are about Halloweened out!'s been fun! We just like to do the fun, family friendly Halloween stuff, none of that scary evil stuff for us, no thanks! This year Kinsley is a ballerina, and Kaden is a ninja! We started off with going to Jae and John's church's Fall Festival - more pics to come on that later including a capybara, other animals (they had a petting zoo), human bowling, etc - stay tuned - I just didn't have my card in my camera that day so I have to get a cord to hook it up to the computer - not sure where that is since we've moved:) was on to our preschool's Fall Festival!

Kinsley and her friend Katie doing the "Tooty Tah" in class:)

Duck hunting

Getting a tatoo

Painting pumpkins (again, with her friend Katie)

Pumpkin Toss game

Penguin/fish toss

Lollipop tree

A little girls dream!

Next was our church's annual Trunk or Treat, but first you have to get some energy - with a Jack-O-Lantern pizza:)

posing with a panther

Jae, John, and pea pod Kai joined us too:) Sooo cuddly!

We saw some friends - kitty Delaney, and Sponge Bob Carsten

Another lollipop tree - if you pick a lollipop with red on the stick you get one of those HUGE candy bars - Kinsley won!!!!!!

I think this is Tigger!

Here's our Home Group's Trunk - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - we had big bowls of spaghetti, and the kids had to throw the meatballs (made from foam balls and felt), into the bowl of spaghetti (yarn) for a prize! See the big meatball on the roof of the car??? FUN!


Sarah said...

That pea pod baby is too cute! Sounds like you guys squeezed in a ton of fun this year.