Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I guess this makes me a soccer mom!

Kaden and Kinsley both started soccer a few weeks ago, and they are loving it!!!  Kinsley is on a team called the Gators (hence the green jerseys) and Kaden's team is called the Kickers!  It is an amazing feeling to already be at the days Curtis and I talked about, that we couldn't wait for, when Kaden was a brand new baby!  We are having the time of our lives going to their games, practices, etc. and taking pictures, cheering them on, and watching them run their precious little selves down the field.  I always dreamed about being a stay-at-home soccer mom, and here we are (well okay, part time stay-at-home soccer mom, still...good enough for me!).   

Kaden waiting for a play
GOOOOO Gators!!!!
Kinsley listening to her coach!  She's #10!
Whoa, sorry for the blurriness - the net around the field is hard to photograph through!


Mande said...

so cute! I love her hair! Josiah and Isaiah are playing soccer too. I agree, it is so much fun! they are loving soccer and I think that i am enjoying it as much as they are!