Thursday, April 2, 2009

Introducing Kai Jae Carpenter!!!!

Kai Jae Carpenter was born on March 25th, 2009 at 5:19 pm to Jae and John Carpenter of Dallas, TX. my new niece was born last Wednesday and it went something like this...Jae goes to the hospital to be with her friend Megan, cause her son was in surgery there.  That morning while getting ready she told John to "just know she's a little irritable cause she wasn't feeling that good".  So...a few hours later she's at the hospital when contractions become closer and closer together...Megan and Meagan's mom were there and advised her to go check with her doctor!  So the dr. tells her to go walk around for an hour.  In the meantime the contractions are getting to be about 1 min. apart and she's having to stop while walking to "deal with" the contraction.  Finally she goes back to her doc and they admit her, and they tell her it is in fact "the day", so she calls all of us to let us know!  Then it's to her room, epidural, and waiting.  All went pretty well as far as the delivery goes except for the fever, etc.  But baby Kai is born and fine.  The nurses come out and the first thing they say is "red hair!"  John was also sending us texts like this the whole time, saying seperated toes (two of his are joined:)), red hair, etc.  

Anyway she gets here and I immediately fall in love!  She's such a doll!  It's such a weird feeling to love a baby so much that's not your own but I DO LOVE HER!!!!  I love my sister Jayna's kids exactly the same too!  There's nothing like being an aunt to four incredibly awesome kids!  Kai Jae...we love you!  You are beautiful!  Thank you God for this incredible blessing in our lives and new addition to our family!  

Jae and John before Kai's arrival
Sweet girl - day 4
Me:  so IN LOVE with this baby!!!!
Sweet and sassy - with her "this IS my little black dress" onesie and tutu
minutes after being  born - such a pretty baby


Amanda said...

What a sweet baby. I feel the same way about my nieces and nephews! I hope you got to have some fun bonding time with her last night!

Mande said...

she's precious! I know you are enjoying your new niece!