Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover in Keller

This past summer I helped to nominate a friend of mine from church for Extreme Home Makeover - well...SHE GOT IT!!!!!  You can imagine how excited I was to hear of this blessing for my friend Amber and to get to be a part of this amazing show and gift for a precious family!  Here are some pics from today!  

Waiting with Ronald McDonald before the big Braveheart March (for those of you that watch, this is the part where all the volunteers walk up to the home excitedly!)
Me and my friend Mandy (she's the one taking all the pics cause I stupidly left my camera card at home)
Me, Mandy and Anne waiting in the cold - by the way...none of us are this fat...we just all had ALOT of clothes on, and shirts over our coats!
me with Ty Pennington's back - yes I was this close!!!!
Me and my friend Anne with Ty in the back
Anne, Eduardo Xol, and me - he was REALLY nice!
me cheering at the scene
standing next to Ty (yep I got to stand by him for awhile!
again, standing next to Ty
me and anne ready to walk with our March of Dimes banners and EHMO shirts and hardhats


babbfamily said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see more! How long does it take before they show them on TV?

The Downs Gang said...

How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! To think it actually ahppens to normal everyday people!!