Sunday, September 21, 2008

A New Church Home

We started church at our new building today and I am just feeling incredibly thankful at the moment! They had testimonies as part of the service today and despite making me cry they were incredible! It was amazing to see how God has used our church, and the members there to touch people's lives in awesome ways. There were stories of people addicted to drugs, that are now addicted to God, people cured of cancer, others blessed with children after years of infertility, etc. So...I just want to say.... and I know he hears me just through my thoughts and I don't have to blog about it...but THANK YOU GOD! Thanks for helping us to find an amazing church with amazing people living their lives as servants of you!

I was humbled today by Pastor Bill's message for us to be like "open houses" and inviting and sharing God with all those we come in contact with. Our new building was already completely full of people today and we haven't even advertised to the public yet. PRAISE GOD! While this may seem like a problem to some, I count it as a blessing, just knowing that we are packing people in every Sunday and filling them with God's word, so that hopefully, all those people, then go out into our community and share it with others! Total wake up call to me that as excited as I am about our new facilities, I need to be that excited to go out and invite people to join me there, and thus...more important than the building itself, come to find a relationship with Christ!

So thank you God for a wonderful Sunday, for people that serve you, and for all I know you will do through the lives of the people in our church! We are blessed!