Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Rock with Mom, Jae, Sharon, Linda, Ethan, and Alli

How funny - this is where I started my blog a year ago! We always have a great time when we go to our annual family reunion! We have started a new tradition of meeting up beforehand at my cousin Sharon's for some "girl" time + kids and this year was a blast! We arrived Wed. night and just hung out at Sharons and had yummy sandwiches, then Thursday we went into little rock for our annual trolley ride - which the kiddos always enjoy. While we were there we visited a bead store because Sharon makes AWESOME jewelry - see her necklace in the pic? Let me know if you want her info - I have cards! Thursday night we designed jewelry for Sharon to make and I painted a picture for Alli's room, Sharon also made us a DELICIOUS dinner! Friday it was off to the family reunion for fun family time. My kids and her kids get along so well - its a blessing to have such fun family! Pics are the Little Rock trolley, me and the kiddos on the trolley, all of us minus mom, Sweet Sharon and Adorable Alli, and the "buds" Kaden and Ethan!