Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Reunion - Timber Ridge Lodge - Arkansas

I love this place! Timber Ridge Lodge in Arkansas is where we have my mom's side of the family reunion each year. It is such a beautiful gathering spot to relax, visit, and spend quality time with family! Here's a pic of the front of the lodge, me holding one of the newest members of the family - Annalyse, Ya-Ya Sisterhood time - exchanging secret pal gifts and girl time - Gwen, Mande, and Elwanda, Cindy Kay and Shirley, and the view from the lodge of the lake, hillside, and deer (they might be too small to see, but trust me, there are tons of them! It's all so calming!!!! Loved seeing all of you, can't wait to see you again next year!

Sisters are Special!

Aren't these girls beautiful! My sisters are such a gift to me! I love them so much! I'm not sure they know how much I love them and I want them to know, although I fear words can't express it enough - but I'll try!

The first pic is me and my little sis Jae. Here's why I love her:
1. She's only 13 months younger than me, we fought when we were little but became best friends when we roomed together in college at A&M - whoop!
2. She's beautiful inside and out - she is hot and stylish on the outside and sweet as can be on the inside - she's always been a sharer - she'd lend you the shirt off her back and never asks for anything in return!
3. She's very talented - she can make anything happen - whether it be curtains, purses, backyard patio decor:), or plans for the weekend - you want it done...she's your girl!
4. She's a great christian example, she's got a kind heart and looks out for others, and she has some serious patience when it comes to those who are hard to deal with!
5. She makes some of the funniest faces I've ever seen, just make her turn upside down and look at her chin:) :)

The second pic is me and my older sister Jayna, here's why I love her:
1. She's my big sis, although she's 10 years older than me, we're very close!
2. She is so positive, she dreams with God's will in mind, and therefore most of her dreams come true - it's inspiring!
3. She's and incredible christian, a stronghold for her family, and an awesome mom - I'm in awe of how incredibly awesome her kiddos are!
4. She's very comfortable to be around - always happy to see you and actually interested in what you have to say. She's real as real can be!
5. She's funny - she will make you laugh with her often silly personality - remember the "pwer-ple mah-ker"?

There it is - the best I can describe it! Love ya'll!

How cute are they?!

Here's a pic of mom and Linda in Little Rock waiting for the trolley! Aren't they cute!

Little Rock with Mom, Jae, Sharon, Linda, Ethan, and Alli

How funny - this is where I started my blog a year ago! We always have a great time when we go to our annual family reunion! We have started a new tradition of meeting up beforehand at my cousin Sharon's for some "girl" time + kids and this year was a blast! We arrived Wed. night and just hung out at Sharons and had yummy sandwiches, then Thursday we went into little rock for our annual trolley ride - which the kiddos always enjoy. While we were there we visited a bead store because Sharon makes AWESOME jewelry - see her necklace in the pic? Let me know if you want her info - I have cards! Thursday night we designed jewelry for Sharon to make and I painted a picture for Alli's room, Sharon also made us a DELICIOUS dinner! Friday it was off to the family reunion for fun family time. My kids and her kids get along so well - its a blessing to have such fun family! Pics are the Little Rock trolley, me and the kiddos on the trolley, all of us minus mom, Sweet Sharon and Adorable Alli, and the "buds" Kaden and Ethan!

Why I love my dad!

There are so many reasons why I love my dad!
1. He's calm and comforting - he laughs in most situations and is very go with the flow and easy-going!
2. He is a strong christian man and God has got to be so proud of him for the spiritual leader he was while we were growing up and for the spiritual leader he continues to be!
3. He lived in a household with 4 girls - my mom, me, and my 2 sisters and he's still alive:)
4. He made it incredibly difficult for us to find husbands like him - thankfully we each would not settle until we did - and my how God has blessed us! Thanks for the awesome example dad!
5. He's a great grandfather - my kiddos love him so much and enjoy being with him whether it's reading books, taking rides in the tractor to the lake, or gardening outside!
Happy Father's Day Dad, you are a blessing!

New Summer Toys - Yippee!

How fun are these! Check out our new summer toys! Kinsley picked out this sand/water table for her birthday and I received this sprinkler from my secret pal at the family reunion. They have thouroughly enjoyed playing with both! Thanks Cindy Kay for the sprinkler - it's a huge hit!

Happy Birthday Princess!

Kinsley finally had her REAL birthday party complete with all things pink and princess -y! We ordered precious cupcakes from a girl Curtis did a website for - awesome and delicious! Let me know if you want her info:) Here's pics of the big three year old, the table/food, opening presents and our good friends Sarah and Adam, and Kayden and Colton! Thanks for coming everyone - it was so fun!

Summer Smash - at The Met

We go to a great church and LOVE all they do there for our kiddos. We just participated in Summer Smash - our church's version of summer VBS. Kaden and Kinsley LOVED it! They had their faces painted every day, made cute crafts, played outside, and inside in the bounce houses, and learned Bible stories about Miriam and Moses, The Good Samaritan, etc. One day after bible school we were also invited to the Silcox's - some great friends of ours, pool! What fun! Thanks to all our church staff and volunteers for making this happen - it was a blast!

Lazy Summer Days

We are having such a great summer this year! There hasn't been a whole lot to do since we don't have a personal or neighborhood pool, but we have made the most of our outdoor sprinklers. Here's some pics of the kiddos playing outside in the water! They both got new rain shoes this spring and LOVE them! Here's a pic of Kaden's, Kinsley did not have hers on this day but they are cute little ladybugs! Gotta love summertime:)