Monday, September 17, 2012

Weight Watchers - Day 1 of blogging about it - almost month 2 of doing it:)

I get 26 points a day, 49 extra points a week and I can earn more extra points for working out!  I am on the monthly plan and I go to the meetings once a week to weigh in - I need that accountability.  I also need the etools on my iPhone - the only thing that helps me track my points!

Here is the code for what I eat:

I usually try to eat about 3-4 points for breakfast, 7-8 points for lunch, and 12-14 for dinner, plus 2 am snack points, and 2 pm snack points.  Sometimes I go over, big whoop, that's what the extra points are for...but I try not to use too many of those - you lose faster if you don't use them.  It's HARD not to!  All fruit is 0 points, and most veggies are 0 points.


B:  Oikos Greek Yogurt Vanilla - 1 cup 
L:  Weight Watchers Smart Ones Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans, 1 banana, 1 cup of pears in own fruit juice - no added sugar
S:  applesauce - natural - 1 cup
D:  3 tacos meal #8 from Taco Bueno, salsa, coke
S:  Dr. Pepper

This is a BAD example people, just keeping it real...wanted to start out this way on purpose.  DO NOT  drink your points...its not worth it, SO much better to drink water, not soft drinks...but some days you just need it - today was one of those days for gotta watch it the rest of the week.

I got a few extra workout points today because I walked in a parade after school for about 30 min, this was moderate walking so only about 2-3 points earned.   

Stay tuned for more if you are interested - before pics and right now pics coming soon!