Monday, September 17, 2012

Weight Watchers - Day 1 of blogging about it - almost month 2 of doing it:)

I get 26 points a day, 49 extra points a week and I can earn more extra points for working out!  I am on the monthly plan and I go to the meetings once a week to weigh in - I need that accountability.  I also need the etools on my iPhone - the only thing that helps me track my points!

Here is the code for what I eat:

I usually try to eat about 3-4 points for breakfast, 7-8 points for lunch, and 12-14 for dinner, plus 2 am snack points, and 2 pm snack points.  Sometimes I go over, big whoop, that's what the extra points are for...but I try not to use too many of those - you lose faster if you don't use them.  It's HARD not to!  All fruit is 0 points, and most veggies are 0 points.


B:  Oikos Greek Yogurt Vanilla - 1 cup 
L:  Weight Watchers Smart Ones Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans, 1 banana, 1 cup of pears in own fruit juice - no added sugar
S:  applesauce - natural - 1 cup
D:  3 tacos meal #8 from Taco Bueno, salsa, coke
S:  Dr. Pepper

This is a BAD example people, just keeping it real...wanted to start out this way on purpose.  DO NOT  drink your points...its not worth it, SO much better to drink water, not soft drinks...but some days you just need it - today was one of those days for gotta watch it the rest of the week.

I got a few extra workout points today because I walked in a parade after school for about 30 min, this was moderate walking so only about 2-3 points earned.   

Stay tuned for more if you are interested - before pics and right now pics coming soon!

Weight Watchers

So I started Weight Watchers almost two months ago today.  I actually started on July 19th, a Thursday, 2012.  I am posting about it here in case it can help anybody.  

Long story short I weighed 102 when I got married to my husband in 1999.  Fast forward 13 years and I weighed 147 at my first weigh in.  Yes that is after two babies, who are now 7 and 9.  But really what  it came down to were my eating habits.  

I have always enjoyed working out, that was not my problem.  I probably worked out an average of 3 days per week.  It was the eating I had a problem with.  So...I joined Weight Watchers to learn how to eat right.  Believe me, I thought I was somewhat healthy before this, compared to most people.  What I found out was I was probably over-eating and drinking 1,000 to 1,500 calories a day.  NO joke!  

It was the snacking throughout the day, the extra piece of cheese, the bowl of cereal late at night just to feel comfortable (full) before bed, the unfinished snacks, ice cream, candy, meals of my kids, the eating for no reason eating...the after school binge (more on this later), etc.  

I have learned so much in two months and I'd love to share that with you.  I wish I would have blogged about this from the beginning.  But here I am...2 months later...and 12 pounds skinnier:)  I finally have learned how to eat to lose...yes I will start maintaining soon...I hear that's harder than losing, but for now I'm still losing.

I have set a goal for myself to get into the 120's as far as my weight.  I would love to be about 120-125 - this is pretty average for my height of 5'4" believe it or not.  I was certainly on the heavier end for my weight when I started according to the health charts.  

I am so excited to share my journey with you!  Ask me questions, quiz me, give me recipes, ask for advice, workout tips, whatever you want.  I desire for this to be an encouraging place, and by all means CHEER ME ON!!!!  

I will be posting daily meal plans that I am doing.  I am not saying eat this or that, simply sharing what I do...if it may help!  I will also offer advice on working out, working out on the job (I am a teacher), working out by making small changes, and funny stuff about losing weight (sweat, anyone).  

I hope you get encouragement when you visit - that is my full and only intention:)

So here we go....!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My classroom/My teaching blog

I just posted lots of pics of my classroom on my teaching blog  Go there and check it out if you are interested:)