Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Funny Valentine!


Funny story, a little sad, but funny!  So Curtis and Kinsley got all dressed up to the nines for Kinsley's 3rd Annual Daddy/Daughter Dance.  Let me preface this by saying this is an event she looks forward to EVERY year!  She talks about it the whole year, anticipates it, reminds us as its getting closer, loves to get dolled up, can't wait for the big day, etc....

So...they head on up to our community center, dressed up, hair fixed, nails and toes painted, roses from Curt to Kins - the works...only to find out the Daddy/Daughter Dance was...the....week...before.  Kinsley was such a good sport and didn't get too upset.  Curtis was a trooper and took her out for a date anyway to Chili's to get dessert.  Way to go Dad!  Better luck next year!

Here's some pics of past Daddy/Daughter Dances:)

First dance - 2010

Last year - 2011

A Day at the Rodeo

A few weeks ago we surprised my Aunt Jane for her birthday by meeting her and her family down at the Fort Worth Stockyards for some rootin' tootin' fun and for the evening rodeo!  We had such a blast.  It just doesn't get more Texas than this - I must get us all boots and hats soon - I LOVE IT!!!!  So glad to be born and raised in this great state!  

What is it about fake jails that gets kids so excited???  I pray they are never in one for real (God willing) - but it is fun to pretend!!!  Somebody let the poor babies out!!!!

I remember getting together with my cousins a lot when I was little.  I pray my kiddos grow up close to theirs as well.  Here's Kinsley, Kaden, Alexandra, and Gabriella!

The rodeo was a blast!!!  We could not stop laughing the entire time.  The baby didn't understand why the man in the middle kept getting rammed by the bull's (for you non-Texan folk - they put a dummy out in the middle to distract the bull once it bucks off the cowboy).  Poor little thing, she kept putting her hands to her face and saying "Oh, NO!"  Cracked us up!!!

This is my cousin Natalie, my Aunt Jane (the birthday girl), and Richard (my uncle)

Such an exciting sport to watch, you have to be a little bit brave and a little bit crazy to be a cowboy like this!!!  We will definitely make this a tradition - we all had an AMAZING time!!!  YEEEEHAW!