Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Curious - Are you Ready?

 It's almost here...are you ready?  I wanna know...what do you do for Valentine's Day?  What do you get for that special someone in your life?  What are you getting this year?  Anything neat and interesting this year?

 Do you get just a little something???

Or do you go all out?  Also, do you get stuff for the kiddos, if so what?  I want some neat ideas - Lord knows we don't need any more junk in this house:)!  

I think we are going over to my sister Jae's for a sweet little waffle brunch - more pics on that later;)

It snuck up on me this year...I still haven't even sent out my Christmas thank-you's yet...


Sarah said...

Alas, I have no romantic ideas for you. I always stress over Valentines Day, and all other occasions that call for gifts. Giving thoughtful gifts is just not one of my strengths. I usually just buy candy. We do buy little gifts for the kids, just candy and stuffed animals.

Jenny said...

Funny, I just blogged an almost identical post. I want to do something special this year, but not sure what. It's a special day for Ryan and I because it's the day we got engaged on :)

I like homemade gifts on Valentines Day. Full of love!

G said...

I make cards for my kiddos and hubby and have the kids make cards for daddy. We make little boxes and decorate our own and put our cards in the boxes. I make heart pancakes with pink love it! Lunch and dinner has to be pink or heart shaped :) We show the kids our wedding album and they love it. We make it a day of love, instead of a commercialized buy and buy everything day :)

G said...

I start out the week with the kids and I making eachother cards and exchanging them in our home made decorated boxes. Only rule: has to be hand made or an act of service. The day of Valentines: we start out in our Valentines gear, eat heart pancakes with pink frosting, and lunch and dinner is anything pink or heartshaped. In the evening: we show the kids our wedding album-they love it. We talk about God's love for us as well. We try to make it a day all about love. Hope this gives you an idea:)