Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas with my family 2010

 We had a fabulous Christmas with my family this year!  Both of my sisters and all their kiddos came and had a blast!  Here they are waiting to get pics taken with Santa, from L to R Makenna, Madison and Kai, Kinsley, Kaden and in front of him Colton, and Stewart (the newest addition to the family - my sis and bro-in-law just adopted him - so precious!)

 posing outside waiting for pics to be developed:)

 Here we all are piled - and I do mean PILED in the car to go look at the Grand Prairie lights - we made TONS of happy memories this night - look at Jae and me in the very back - it was soo funny!  Jayna came and sat back there with us too - we ate fudge on the way:)

 Surprise trip to one of my mom's friends house to meet this reindeer up close - this is Prancer:)

 Prancer had a friend named Jingle Bells - Kinsley would have loved to have taken him home:)

 Christmas Eve - all the kids in their "penguin" pajamas - this is what I love about having sisters - we all got our kids penguin pajamas and none of us even planned it or were together when we bought them - how funny!!!

 Kinsley's gifts from Santa - her first American Girl Doll:)

 Kaden's gifts from Santa

 My family does everything BIG - here our the stockings - no way to hang these babies with care, so we just lined them up on the floor;)

 Wouldn't trade these two for anything in the world!!!  I LOVE my sisters!!!!

 Kinsley with a few of her fave gifts - hat, scarf, Snuggie, and Elizabeth - what she named her doll:)

 Kaden and his double bladed light saber - it doesn't get any better than this for a 7 year old boy!!!

Grammy and all her grandkids with their gingerbread cookies - its a tradition to make a house, etc. each year - this year they all made gingerbread men - much easier and CUTE!!!!


Jenny said...

The reindeer looks so fun! And I love the pajamas.

jenny said...

This is a totally random comment, but I think my mom and your mom could be best many of your thoughts/comments about her remind me of my mom. :)