Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Downs Family Christmas 2010

 After Christmas with my family, we spent a few days in Oklahoma with Curt's side of the family!  Here's Kinsley with her 2nd cousins Ellison and Quinlynn - they all got American Girl dolls for Christmas so they had a great time playing with them together!

 Curt's brother Travis

 While we were there, Oklahoma had this super fun leggo exhibit going on!  Kaden LOVED every minute of it - here he is at the HUGE leggo table making his own creation!

 Curtis and Kinsley getting in on the fun!

 Kaden, Grandma, and Grandpops looking at some of the buildings made out of leggos!

 funny boy

 The next day we went to the Oklahoma zoo - it was a fantastic zoo and we all had a great time!
From l to r:  Me, Curt, Kaden, David, Shelley (Curt's aunt), Ellison, Kinsley, Quinlynn, Susan, Chandler (Curt's cousin), Kim, Malakai, Jared, Courtney, and Carol (another one of Curt's aunts)

 Swinging by the monkeys with Grandpops

 Curtis, with Kaden, Kinsley, David and Susan by the lake

 This sums up the wonder my kiddos have when they are at the zoo - they LOVE it!  

 Kinsley, Malakai, and Kaden on a tortoise

 Curtis's sister Courtney and her boyfriend Jared

 Curtis's other brother Kevin, with Kaden and Corbin

Kinsley and Emerson playing and opening presents!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas with my family 2010

 We had a fabulous Christmas with my family this year!  Both of my sisters and all their kiddos came and had a blast!  Here they are waiting to get pics taken with Santa, from L to R Makenna, Madison and Kai, Kinsley, Kaden and in front of him Colton, and Stewart (the newest addition to the family - my sis and bro-in-law just adopted him - so precious!)

 posing outside waiting for pics to be developed:)

 Here we all are piled - and I do mean PILED in the car to go look at the Grand Prairie lights - we made TONS of happy memories this night - look at Jae and me in the very back - it was soo funny!  Jayna came and sat back there with us too - we ate fudge on the way:)

 Surprise trip to one of my mom's friends house to meet this reindeer up close - this is Prancer:)

 Prancer had a friend named Jingle Bells - Kinsley would have loved to have taken him home:)

 Christmas Eve - all the kids in their "penguin" pajamas - this is what I love about having sisters - we all got our kids penguin pajamas and none of us even planned it or were together when we bought them - how funny!!!

 Kinsley's gifts from Santa - her first American Girl Doll:)

 Kaden's gifts from Santa

 My family does everything BIG - here our the stockings - no way to hang these babies with care, so we just lined them up on the floor;)

 Wouldn't trade these two for anything in the world!!!  I LOVE my sisters!!!!

 Kinsley with a few of her fave gifts - hat, scarf, Snuggie, and Elizabeth - what she named her doll:)

 Kaden and his double bladed light saber - it doesn't get any better than this for a 7 year old boy!!!

Grammy and all her grandkids with their gingerbread cookies - its a tradition to make a house, etc. each year - this year they all made gingerbread men - much easier and CUTE!!!!