Monday, June 21, 2010


(Here we are being silly about 2 years ago!)

I have an incredible father! He is a very gentle and quiet man, but funny as anything if you get to know him! He was always there for us as kids to cheer us up, talk if we needed to, one of our biggest fans as we cheered at endless high school games, etc. He has taught me many things throughout the years but I think some of the most important things he has taught me are LOVE GOD, attitude is a choice - choose to be happy, blue bell ice cream cures many ills:), work hard at what you do and make sure you love your work, you can be, build, and do anything, when in doubt - be silly, love strongly, sometimes its better to just be quiet and smile, and get outside as often as possible! I love you daddy! You are the best dad EVER!

with Kinsley - he LOVES his grandkids - even if they do call him Grandaddy instead of Grandfather:)

(Curt and the kids at our old house a couple of years ago)

And then there's this man! The love of my life! God handpicked him for me and I have no doubt about that! Curt you are everything I ever wanted - remember my list?:) You are the most incredible loving, silly, fun, caring, gentle, understanding, hero of a father to our kids EVER! I am so blessed and thankful God sent me a man who is the stronghold of our house, a provider, a peacemaker, and such a loving father! Your rock my world Curtis Jon Downs!!! I love you!

(yesterday's breakfast in bed:))


Jenny said...

What a blessing to be surrounded by such great men!

Sarah said...

You are a blessed woman. Thanks for sharing about the two most important dads in your life.