Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kinsley's Fourth Birthday Barnyard Bash!

Kinsley had her fourth birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and the sweet little thing wanted a "barn" party. was supposed to be at the park under a covered pavilion, but it was rained out, not just a little rained out, we're talking a down pour here.  The ONLY day out of the last two weeks Mother Nature decided to bless us with rain, mind you.  So...we went for plan B and had it at our house!  A little crowded but still just as fun!  And being the precious girl that she is, not one complaint!  These pics are out of order, but work with me here folks!  Brace yourselves, this is a long one!

Afterwards we went to eat at Casa Rita's - it's actually pretty yummy despite John's face here:)
Jae, Dad, and Kai
Kinsley and Grammy (Mom)
Kinsley and her friend Ella
The Babb girls (the boys were too busy playing Star Wars in Kaden's room:))
Kinsley's friend and preschool classmate Hayley
Curt and Misty
Dad and Curt
Precious little birthday girl!
All the kiddos eating cupcakes.
Kinsley's closet was a fun place to play for some reason????  Isn't this a cute pic though?
Sister and Brotherly Love
The treat bags
my friend Dawn made these awesome barn animal cupcakes - don't you just want to pinch em' - SOOO Cute!!!
Dawn also made this barn cake - isn't she amazing?!
Happy little four year old!
Enjoying her birthday


Amanda said...

You did a good job with the barn theme, and I loved Kinsley's outfit! When Brianna asked for a Spiderman birthday, I really couldn't find a way to girly it up. But, if that is what they want you just have to go with it!