Monday, September 10, 2007

First Day of School!!!

Kaden, Kinsley and I started school at New Creation Preschool September 4th (my dad's b-day). Kaden LOVED it right away and Kinsley is taking her time getting used to it. They were both so excited about their new lunch boxes and back packs!!!! How cute they are in their rooms sitting at the table like big kids and painting, learning, and playing with their new friends! They are growing up so fast and I just want to freeze time and sit back and soak it all up. They are like little sponges and are so proud of their "work" they do there! I am so thankful to be with them to experience it all:)

San Antonio/Sea World - more pics!:)

These are pics of Grandma and Grandpops with Kaden and Kinsley, our hotel, the Riverwalk, and the beautiful Alamo!

Our Trip to San Marcos and Sea World!!!!!

This was our first family vacation in about 4 years (since Kaden was born). We started off staying in San Marcos so we could shop the outlets - man, we didn't put a dent in that place -it was huge!!!! We had fun shopping at The Gap and Calvin Klein, Pottery Barn, Old Navy, Childrens Place, and Carters. Then it was on to Sea World.

Grandma and Grandpops met us there at our beautiful hotel on the riverwalk. That night we ate on the Riverwalk at a Mexican restaurant - yummy food, but even better dessert. After eating we began our first of many walks up and down the Riverwalk, just sightseeing:)

Saturday we woke up and had a delicious breakfast at the hotel, looking out on the water, and then it was on to Sea World. If only I could capture the wonder and excitement in my children's faces!:) We did pretty good in pictures but you know what I mean! Kaden and Kinsley LOVED it, and just took it all in. We saw pretty much every show there was to see, they especially loved Shamu and the "Big Fat Walrus" show. At lunch we ate yummy hamburgers and the kiddos both had cute little happy meal lunches with a Shamu box to keep of course! Grandma also bought them little plastic Shamu's as a souvenier, which they haven't stopped playing with since we got home and love to splash them in the tub! At the end of the day we stopped off at the waterpark and cooled off during our short little dunk in the wave pool - Kaden screamed in excitement the whole time, while Kinsley stayed back with Grandma and Grandpops at the table.

That night Curtis and David wanted to watch the OU game and found a place on the Riverwalk playing it - all I have to say about that is good food/not so great atmosphere:) Then we went on a fantastic boat ride up the river and learned much about the history of the Riverwalk. It was on to the Alamo after that for a quick look and picture opportunity - it looks beautiful at night by the way. Then back to the hotel where we were asleep before our heads hit the pillow!

Because we didn't get enough the first time, Sunday found us back at the outlets for more shopping. We closed the place down and then it was finally time to head home.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpops for a funfilled weekend! We miss you much already! Until next time! :) :)