Friday, May 13, 2011

Word to Ya Mother!!!

 I had a great Mothers Day!  These two brought me breakfast in bed:)

 It made me smile and was quite yummy!

 My note from Kaden - I LOVE kid-spelling:)

 My note from Kinsley:  It says:  Two eyes to watch me play on the playground, two lips to say "lets go inside", two arms for hugin' me:), a heart filled with Jesus (*insert tear), a lap for me to sit on, and two feet to take me to Wal-Mart (the girl loves her some Wal-Mart and Target - ha ha)!

 My hubby gave me these beauties!  Love that man, he makes me be a better mom!!!

 We went to church, Kari Jobe was there and sang for us,  and then to spend the day with two of my faves - my mom, and my sis, Jae!

 I created a scavenger hunt for my mom to find her gift - I taped little riddle clues to her brush, her straightener, her mirror, and then on her computer...

Once she got to her computer there were instructions for her to go to her email and then to print this gift card to Dry Bar - a place here in Dallas that just does blowouts for your hair - DIVINE!!!!


jenny said...

What a great idea for your mom! And I love that picture of breakfast in bed!