Monday, May 16, 2011


Kinsley's Birthday Party is Saturday!  Here's a little taste:

Grapevine Main Street Festival

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Weekend!

 Headed out for Date Night with my LOVE!!!

 Will probably be working on this...

and this...gonna be so glad when all the "projects" are complete:)  Have a good one!!!!

Baby Girl is 6!!!!

 This little beauty is 6 years old!!!!  Seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital - a teeny tiny perfect baby girl with HUGE brown eyes and tiny little rosebud lips:)  

Kinsley, you are a joy!  Mommy prayed for you and God gave me the desires of my heart when he blessed our lives with you!!!!  You have brought tons of joy to our lives with your quirky little personality, and your HUGE smile!  You have been smiling every since you figured out how to and haven't stopped - your joy is contagious!  May you always be filled with it!  Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!

 She wanted to go to Cici's for dinner and was thrilled with some quarters and squinkies:)

It's the simple little things in life...

Stay tuned for her awesome Art Party coming up!!!!  I'm having a blast buying decor for this one - can't wait!!!

Word to Ya Mother!!!

 I had a great Mothers Day!  These two brought me breakfast in bed:)

 It made me smile and was quite yummy!

 My note from Kaden - I LOVE kid-spelling:)

 My note from Kinsley:  It says:  Two eyes to watch me play on the playground, two lips to say "lets go inside", two arms for hugin' me:), a heart filled with Jesus (*insert tear), a lap for me to sit on, and two feet to take me to Wal-Mart (the girl loves her some Wal-Mart and Target - ha ha)!

 My hubby gave me these beauties!  Love that man, he makes me be a better mom!!!

 We went to church, Kari Jobe was there and sang for us,  and then to spend the day with two of my faves - my mom, and my sis, Jae!

 I created a scavenger hunt for my mom to find her gift - I taped little riddle clues to her brush, her straightener, her mirror, and then on her computer...

Once she got to her computer there were instructions for her to go to her email and then to print this gift card to Dry Bar - a place here in Dallas that just does blowouts for your hair - DIVINE!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Book Club

I LOVE BOOKS!  Yep, I'm a bonafied book worm, and I happily admit it!  I love to sit with a good book, escape reality for a little while, and peek into other people's/characters lives:)  Especially in the the pool...with pink lemonade...or better yet, at the beach, getting a tan, with my toes in the sand!

I was sooooo sad tonight when I saw my friend Jenny's number on my cell phone and quickly realized she was at book club and I was not...I completely forgot:(  I was already in my pajamas and folding laundry so just jumping in the car and racing up there was not in the cards for me tonight;(

In honor of my Book Club, here are some of the books we've read the last few months and just for good measure I'll throw a couple of others in that I am personally reading myself!  In case you are getting your summer reading list going...ENJOY!

 This was our first book, a murder mystery - a great read, great mystery if you are "in" to that sort of thing, but a little sad.

 LOVED this book - laughed, cried, can't wait for the movie!!!  All about rich southern women and their maids (what they REALLY think)...Everyone should read this book!

 Totally fun read...Pioneer Woman's (do you know her blog yet?  You should!!!) love story with her Marlboro Man cowboy - laughed out loud reading this one - PURE ENJOYMENT, makes this city girl wanna spend some days in the country!  I hear a movie might be in the works for this one too???

 This is one I am reading on my own - a christian book that MOPS sent out this year to all MOPS members - makes me want to clean, decorate, and make my house all warm and cozy:)

 Great book, doing this with the women in my small group at church, highly recommend, especially if God still has some things to work out in you - which should be all of us right?:)

And last but not least...this is our next book club read, don't know much about it but... gonna see the movie when I'm done too, LOVE Reese Witherspoon!

Have any of you read any of these, what did you think?  What's on your Summer Reading List this year?????  Any recommendations?

Happy Reading!