Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better Than a Halleluiah!

I heard these words to a song today...God has REALLY been speaking to me through music these days...bear with me:)

We pour out our misery, God just hears a melody
Beautiful the mess we are, 
honest cries, and breaking hearts
...are better than a Hallelujah sometimes...

Lord God I praise you that we can rejoice with you in the good times, and oh, how wonderful that feels, but I also praise you that we can cry out to you in the hard times.  

I have been sharing with friends a lot of what has been on my heart lately and God I praise you that I have friends that don't judge me, friends that "get" me and that I feel comfortable enough around to be my real, authentic self.  I praise you that I have friends who listen, and encourage me, and also sometimes give me a little "coming to Jesus" meeting if need be:)!!

Lord I pray that you help me to always speak words of truth and words of encouragement and love like I have been spoken to over the last month or so.  I amazed each time I leave a friend of the words of affirmation that seem to come from You through them!!!  I pray that you will help me to be a friend like that, a friend that fills others up with love, encouragement, happiness and joy when they have been with me:)  I have not felt like that kind of friend much lately but I know things will get better and I am praying that you will use my circumstances to relate to and minister to others that may be where I am right now, some day!!

I thank you God that you are a god that I can pour out my misery to, and Lord how I rejoice over the words of that song - that you hear them as a melody!  WOW!  How you delight in our coming to you with our problems, and God I am so thankful for the peace you bring me in the midst of those not so fun times:)  Beautiful the mess we are - well, that's good news as well!  To even imagine you see our messes or see us when we are a mess as beautiful is beyond me God, but I know you see it all as part of the process of bringing You more glory, and if that's the case, then who am I to argue?  Honest cries and breaking hearts are better than a hallelujah sometimes - thank you Lord for this confirmation today - sometimes honesty is all we have left and I praise you that SOMETIMES it can be better than a hallelujah when we don't feel like hallelujah-ing:)

Lord, keep filling me with more of YOU!  I pray to continuously seek you in all that I do, I pray you continue to be that voice in my head saying, "You were made for more than this!" - thank you for that song too:)!  I pray that I will soon be able to Hallelujah OUT LOUD at your marvelous plans for me, but until then, thank you that I can be honest and authentic with how I feel:)

If you (readers of this blog) are going through a difficult time, I urge you and encourage you to open the Word, find a Christian friend you trust, or turn your radio to a Christian station, just sit back and listen...God has something to say to you! Or tell Him how you feel, it's ok to be mad before God, to bring Him your concerns, and miseries - if you ask Him, I promise you, He will show up, and He never disappoints!  I pray you are all Hallelujah-ing today, but if not, I pray that this blog post brings you some encouragement as well:)!!!  Blessings!


Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing this song and prayer, Jara. You're praying my heart.

karson said...

Wow. I really needed to read that today. We are going through lots of "stuff" right now...and those words spoke to my heart. Thanks girl!

Jenny said...

I love this song, and I love you. Hope all is well and would love to see you soon!