Sunday, July 4, 2010

Party in the USA! Happy Fourth of July!!!!

We celebrated a little last night with my family. We went to see the North Richland Hills fireworks, which, much to my surprise were pretty good!!!

Kinsley, Kai, and Kaden were dressed to the nines in their red, white, and blue! Kai had an outfit that belonged to Kinsley when she was that age, it had me reminiscing a little...precious!

Oh man, we had some good food!!! Brisket, homemade mac & cheese, chicken tenders, grilled corn, mashed new potatoes, corn and black bean dip, cupcakes, key lime pie, and ice cream! I literally stuffed myself right into misery...but it was oh sooooo good!

My little cupcakes - got the idea off of playhouse disney's website one day when Kins was playing on there - ha ha!

My sweet dad, me and mom - right after this we had a huge tournament of mexican train dominoes while it rained!

Jae, Mom, and me - in case you're wondering, that's spilt milk on my shirt from Kai's sippy cup, obviously I didn't cry over it:)

Curt and his clone watching the fireworks!

Mom with the kids - believe me, despite this pic, they were THRILLED!

We had a super fun day! Oh, and a little side note: I went to cycle class Sat morning and my cycle instructor had all patriotic-ish music for us to cycle to like "Party in the USA" (hence the title of this post), we even cooled down to "Proud to Be An American"! It was so cute cause he has a foreign accent - not sure where he's from...and there was a little asian guy in the class with us who sang the words as he cycled too - I almost got a little misty-eyed! I am truly thankful to live in this great country - thanks to all of you who serve to make all these freedoms possible - and may GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Sarah said...

Those cupcakes looked phenomenally beautiful AND tasty! I love Kinsley's shiny red skirt.

Staci Danford said...

Looks like you guys had a great
4th of July. I still can't believe that you guys are so very close to us. We will have to try to get together some time. I so admire anyone who can does food for holidays. It looks so pretty and I'm sure your family will have precious memories.